Try Italian for the Holidays!

11/8/2017 |


Nothing is harder than picking out what to eat for your upcoming Holiday get together. Trying to find a balance between what everyone wants is tricky as a host. When it comes to picking for a large group, you can never go wrong with Italian food!

Everyone loves pizza, from kids to adults. We serve a wide variety of pizza sizes, from personal to party, a whole 30” pizza! We also offer an array of toppings to please your guests.

Pasta dishes are also a choice that will please any crowd. Here at Fazio’s, we serve some amazing pasta dishes, such as our baked stuffed shells, ziti with marinara, and eggplant parmigiana - the “pasta-bilities” are endless!

If you are looking to serve your guests appetizers, try something also very simple, such as Fazio’s vegetables and fruit platters, cheese and cracker platter, or a serving of mozzarella sticks!

Here at Fazio’s, we have countless catering options. We cater sizes small (serves 8-12) and large (serves 20-25). We have an array of sections for our catering menu (which you can find here), from appetizers, to signature specialties, to side dishes, salads and desserts, and don’t forget our party pizzas! If you are looking to avoid the hassle of cooking for a big party, look no further than Fazio’s Ristorante and Pizzeria!

For more information regarding Fazio’s catering services and menu, call us at (413) 525-2735!

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