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6/30/2014 |


Are you leaving for vacation and are worried about all the cooking for the week? Trying to plan meals for vacation can be stressful, especially when you have just gotten off the beach after a long day in the sun. Stop by Fazio's today and take a look at all the food options that are available for your family vacation. Fazio offers lasagna, grinders, chicken, pizza and more! Vacation foods can be unhealthy and costly, but by planning ahead, Fazio's meals are easy to freeze and take on a family vacation.

Food for Fun

Start with Fazio's delicious grinders for the family car ride and pick up your meals to take on the road. Buying food and taking it on the road is great way to save money on vacation. Vacations are costly, but by buying premade meals, it saves you money and makes your night easier!

 Properly preparing frozen food is important when taking it on the road. It is crucial to keep your frozen food cold while traveling. When food becomes warm it allows for bacteria to grow. These simple tips will help you save money and keep your food cold until you get to your vacation.

·         Freeze all that can be frozen. Buy and take foods that can be frozen for the car ride.

·         Pack it right! Ensure that your food is properly packaged in Tupperware or covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

·         Avoid the mess! A tight seal is ensures that nothing gets in or out of the package.

·         Go big! Use a large cooler that will fit all the food and the ice.

·         Keep it cool. Pack your cooler tightly with plenty of ice.

Let Fazio's catering services cater your vacation this year! Fazio has a wide range of options for foods to take on vacation. For more information on what Fazio's has to offer, contact Fazio's Ristorante at 413-525-2735.


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