Family Night Begins with Fazio's Pizza

4/29/2014 |


Years ago, it was tradition for families to sit down at the dinner table every night and spend quality time engaging in conversation with each other. Yet, these family traditions are rapidly changing with busy work schedules and extra-curricular activities. However, the family meal is the one of the most important and powerful traditions that needs to be remembered. It strengthens family bonds, provides healthy communication, and allows children to return to their roots and learn about family values. While it may be difficult for families to find a designated dinner time, Fazio's wants to give you a few helpful tips on how to make pizza night into a fun family gathering:


·       Ditch the phones without the distraction of cell phones, families can give full attention to one another and truly engage in each other's lives.

·       Have themed pizza nights Did you know we have an amazing Hawaiian pizza? Call Fazio's in East Longmeadow and have one delivered pair it with a movie like 50 First Dates, or, Lilo and Stitch. Get crazy and buy a Hawaiian Lei for each member of the family!

·       Make it a game night Scrabble, Guess Who, Mad Gab. Pick a board game, or a card game, and challenge your family members! Winner get's relieved of chores for a week, or gets the last slice of our buffalo chicken pizza.

·       Create your own pizza Have each family member right down their craziest pizza recipe, and pick the winner from a hat. Call in and order your personal pizza!

·       Marathon Mondays Mondays can be a bummer, for kids and adults. However, our happiest moments with each other are spent during downtime. Beat the Monday blues with a marathon of your kid's favorite shows. Let us do the cooking.


Bonding is a sweet thing in this world, and families need to take advantage of it. The sense of togetherness that family night provides helps nurture our children into positive adults; it shows a sense of support and love to siblings, significant others, daughters and sons. It truly improves our overall health and happiness. Fazio's wants to help you make family meals a priority; they are key components of family. Call us at 413-525-2735 and let us do the cooking for your next family night.

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