A Slice of Italy: Italian Regional Cuisine

10/12/2017 |


Many people know Italy and its distinctive boot shape. However, did you know Italy is a young country, and before 1861 it was split up into a lot of different countries? Reflecting this, Italy is a patchwork of very similar yet distinct cultures, and regional cuisine is no different. Here are a few regions of Italy and some of the dishes they’re known for.

  • Campania: Campania, home to Naples, is where a lot of Italian-American cuisine traces its roots, and the local dialect is why we sometimes pronounce prosciutto as “pro-shoot.” Pizza is the single most famous Neapolitan dish. Mozzarella made from buffalo milk is also a specialty of Naples, along with pasta.
  • Lazio: Lazio, including the capital, Rome, eats a lot of different pastas. The region also has very good produce, including artichokes and zucchini.
  • Lombardia: Located in the north and housing the second most populated city of Milan, Lombards are fonder of polenta and risotto than pasta. Saffron risotto is a popular dish, as is ossobuco.
  • Sicilia: Sicily is a very distinct region of Italy. Of course, Sicilians love pasta. Pasta alla Norma is a dish with tomato sauce, basil and eggplant. Sicilians also eat a lot of seafood. Another popular dish is arancine, which are fried rice balls with a variety of different flavors served as street food.
  • Toscana: Tuscany emphasizes simplicity in its cuisine more than other regions of Italy. Tuscans also make some of the best wine and beer in Italy.
  • Sardinia: Located far from the main peninsula, Sardinians have some odd culinary traditions. Dried breads called pane carasau is a regional specialty. Cheeses are also popular in Sardinia.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Italian cuisine. If you’re looking to get your fix of Italian food, stop on into Fazio’s for a delicious, authentic Italian meal!

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