6 Different Techniques to Eat Pizza

5/26/2017 |


6 Different Techniques to Eat Pizza

There is an unlimited number of ways to eat a slice of pizza but here is a list of the most popular:

  1. The Classic

            This is the tamest way to eat a piece of pizza. It involves eating the slice starting with the cheese eating it straight backwards towards the crust. Most often done with two hands or the use of a hand tripod supporting the whole slice so that it doesn’t flop down. This method for eating pizza is probably the most popular, and can performed with all different kinds of pizza.

  1. The Fold (a.k.a. The Pizza Taco)

            The fold is a classic amongst New Yorkers where the pizza tends to come in larger and thinner slices. This method is when you take the slice of pizza and fold it in half so that all you can see is the underside. This technique allows the pizza eater to contain all of the toppings on top of the slice within its little taco shaped fold. The Fold is related to our next technique to eating pizza: The Reverse Fold

  1. The Reverse Fold

            The Reverse Fold is a bold move that is a lot less popular than the aforementioned regular fold. This is when you take the slice of pie and fold it in half so that the cheese and sauce are on the outside and the underside of the pizza is hidden. Although not the most effective at holding toppings on the pizza, this method does have a slight taste advantage. With the cheese and sauce on the outside of the pizza it ensures that with every bite your tongue touches the toppings first considered to enhance the flavor of the slice by the Reverse Fold supporters.

  1. The Sandwich (a.k.a. the Lazy Calzone)

            This method of eating pizza is the most efficient way to consume as much pizza as possible with every bite. This is done by stacking two slices together with the toppings sides touching to effectively make a calzone looking creation. This technique is not preferred to those who are afraid of creating a mess because a mess is almost guaranteed with this way of eating a slice (or two technically). The only advantage to this way of eating pizza is the opportunity to eat a lot of pizza in a short period of time as The Fold is more efficient at keeping toppings in and The Reverse Fold allows you to taste the cheese and sauce first instead of the dough.

  1. The Fork and Knife

            This is probably the most controversial way of eating a slice of pizza. Like the name suggests this involves using a fork and knife to eat the pizza one bit at a time. This method is a favorite with patrons who are afraid to make a mess and don’t want to risk the rogue pepperoni accidentally finding its way onto a shirt or pair of pants. This technique is most effective when used on a Chicago deep dish style pizza, which are quite difficult to consume using your hands. The only downfall (which is quite a big fault if you ask a pizza aficionado) is that you miss out on the pizza experience of eating each slice of the pie with your hands.

  1. The Backwards (a.k.a. Crust-First)

            Quite controversial as well as hard to master, this method of eating pizza is thinking outside of the pizza box. The process is done by starting your point of attack at the crust of the pizza first and then working your way towards the point of the triangle. Although, if you look at the pizza as a whole it makes sense to work from the outside inwards, in slice form it seems very unconventional to use The Backwards method to eat a piece of pizza. The disadvantages to eating a piece of pizza this way is that you are effectively eating the “handle” of the pizza that keeps your hands from getting greasy from the cheese and sauce. The advantages to eating a slice this way, besides getting weird looks from your friends, is that you start from the coolest part of the pizza and eat towards the hottest (the cheese) allowing it time to cool down.


No matter how you decide to eat your pizza whether you like to rolled up like a fruit-roll-up, or dipped in ranch, and opposed to popular opinion, there is no wrong way to eat a slice. So give one of the least popular techniques a try and it might change your pizza eating life forever.

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