3 Great Family Party Game Ideas!

7/20/2017 |


It’s always a good occasion to spend quality time with your family and friends. So we wanted to create a list of 3 great party games to get your family and friends together and moving around during these beautiful summer months.

1. Cucumber Face – Cucumber face is a simple game to play while you’re sitting around a table outside and can be played by two people up to as many people as you want.


At least once slice of cucumber for each player


The instructions are simple. Either one at a time, or all at once a member, or members of the group place a slice of cucumber on their forehead. The goal of the game is to move the cucumber down from your forehead into your mouth. You are not allowed to use your hands and if you drop the cucumber you have to start over (preferably with a new clean cucumber).

-This is a fun and simple game to play with children and adults of all ages. You can also play this game using other food items such as cookies, chocolate kisses, or any food item that you have, though you probably want to keeps things clean (I would avoid using ribs).

2. Prize Ball – Prize ball is a variation of the oven mitt unwrap game popular around the holidays, except this variation is more suitable for any occasion.

-A bunch of small prizes or gifts (such as lollipops or other candy, money, or anything really)
-A roll of cellophane wrap
-two dice


Before the game starts you must wrap all of the goodies that you have into a large ball using the cellophane. Make sure to disperse the different prizes to the different layers of the ball and remember to use the best prize first for the middle. The more cellophane, the longer the game will be. To start the game you gather everyone into a circle and choose who starts with the ball (this can be based on age, or closest birthday, etc.) and you give the person to their right the two dice. Once someone says “GO!” the person with the prize ball starts, trying to unwrap the ball as fast as they can while the person to their right rolls the dice until they get doubles of any number. Once this happens the person with the dice passes them to their right and takes the prize ball. If you get a prize while you are un-wrapping, you get to keep it, and you don’t stop unwrapping until the person with the dice rolls doubles. This continues until all of the prizes have been found.

-This game is high energy and simple (but depending on how much cellophane you use can be short). Another more difficult variation of this game can be played using tape instead of cellophane to wrap up the prizes.

3. Two Truths and a Lie – This is a simple game that can make family parties very interesting and the only materials you need are people!



Sitting in a circle each person takes turns stating three statements about themselves. Two of the statements should be true and the other statement should be a lie. The group votes on which statement they think is a lie, and after everyone decides the speaker tells which statement is actually false.

-This game is better to play with a smaller group of people and gets your family members or friends learning new things about each other. Another variation that can be played is to have the speaker not reveal the lie unless the group comes to a vote and they guess correctly.

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